Nick Bodle - Photography

I was born in Bodiam in the county of Sussex but lived in Kent for most of my married life on the Kent and Sussex border with only one exception when I spent a period of time in the Navy. My wife and I now live in the county of Cornwall where we moved to in March 2007 and very close to the Moors of Bodmin, Dartmoor, and the Cornish Coast, areas which had drawn us on many occasions over the years. I have been interested in photography from a very young age and it more or less started when I opened a packet of Kodak B&W paper that my father had stored in a cupboard which was not a wise thing to do as I remember at the time as he was not very happy with me. It was not until I had married and settled down that it became more of a serious hobby and I started to produce my own work in the darkroom. Although I produced a great deal of monochrome images I initially started by printing Cibachrome prints, a very long winded and temperamental process. I still feel a good Cibachrome print takes some beating. I started printing Monochrome after I joined Tonbridge Camera Club where I saw some stunning monochrome images produced by some of its members.

My first camera was a Kodak 127 which was given to me by my brother so that I could record my travels around the world and I did take some very memorable images that reflected the time I had in the Navy. I could only dream then of owning a decent camera at the time. However, not long after I was married I purchased a Voigtlander this was with the help of Heather my wife who gave me some money for a birthday present, and little did she know what she was letting herself in for and where it would lead. Heather is now a very good photographer in her own right and on one occasion stated "If you cannot beat them, join them".

I am a member of a couple of photographic clubs and organizations. Launceston Camera Club which we joined in 2008. I also belong to the UPP (United Photographic Postal Portfolios of Great Britain) which is purely monochrome group, circle 5. I am also a past member of Tonbridge Camera Club and of another monochrome group, Ag Mono which is purely a wet darkroom group as the name suggests. Leaving them only because we moved down to Cornwall and left some very good friends behind.
I also enter photographic exhibitions where I have gained medals and awards over the years.