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Heather Bodle-Photography

I joined my husband in Photography in about the mid nineties when he purchased me a Nikon F65, he did this he says to stop me moaning when  I was waiting for him to take a picture, when he was waiting for the correct light and atmosphere to appear. I then joined him in Tonbridge Camera Club where it was not long before I had moved into the advanced class winning most of the major competitions internally and externally of the camera club

My interest in Photography is mainly landscapes and flower Photography but I will have ago at anything if I believe it will make a good picture. I like soft subtle images with soft subtle colours found on misty mornings. I particularly love Cumbria and the Lake district for this sort of thing although my husband and I we travel to many locations around the country for our Photography.

I was shooting mainly on Sensia slide film which gave me the extra speed I needed in my Photography on my Nikon F65. I then moved over to digital which I solely do now, I have both a Nikon D50 my first digital camera and a Nikon D90 with an 18 - 135 Nikkor Lens. My main camera is now a Panasonic FZ1000.

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                                                           Heather Bodle